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All of our younger children attend primary school at a nearby public campus. After elementary school, which concludes with grade 9, most students continue on to vocational school or high school. If they want to study beyond high school, they have the opportunity to attend university.


The ability to succeed in higher education can be difficult for some of our students. Many children who move into the BCM home have had tough beginnings. Little or no stimulation in the early years affects the ability to absorb knowledge later. Knowing that, we try to evaluate each child's situation to best guide them into the right training.


We believe that education is the best way to raise a child or even a nation out of poverty. Therefore, we strongly encourage our children to pursue as much schooling as they are able to in order to achieve a better future. It is unusual for young people belonging to various hill tribes in Thailand to complete any higher education at all. That is why we are extremely proud of the several BCM children who have gone on to university. It is our hope that many more will follow.


We believe that education is the best way out of poverty.


Office: +66 53 712 357

Director: +66 816 811 661

The BaanChivitMai Foundation, which means “Home for New Life”, is an independent local relief organization in Thailand that has saved several hundred children and youth from a life of prostitution and drug dealing. Through BCM's ministry, at-risk children and youth are provided with a safe place to live and the opportunity to attend public school. Your donation makes a difference by creating opportunities for children to have a new beginning and a new life.



BaanChivitMai, Chiang Rai 

591 Moo 6, Ban Hua Doi
T.Tasai, A. Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000 Thailand

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