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BaanChivitMai, or “Home for New Life”, is an independent Thai relief organization that is supporting vulnerable hill tribe children in northern Thailand.


The ministry began in 1989 in Bangkok but today it is based in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand. Through our ministry, at-risk children including HIV-infected, are provided a loving home, medical care and an education. 


BaanChivitMai Foundation is registered in Chiang Rai with board members from Thailand, Sweden and Norway.  Overall responsibility for the ministry lies with the board of directors for the Foundation.


BaanChivitMai Foundation's charter is based upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and promotes a Christian perspective.  This charter permeates all of the Foundation's programs and activities. Restoring the human dignity of children is the Foundation’s cornerstone.


Eva Olofsson

BaanChivitMai has strong ties to Scandinavia.  When the Swedish Royal Couple made an official state visit to Thailand in 2003, they made a special visit to BaanChivitMai Home.  


While there are several Scandinavian organizations and businesses that support the Foundation, the majority are individuals from Sweden and Norway  who generously donate to the ministry on a regular basis.


Eva Olofsson, who founded BaanChivitMai, has since handed over her duties in Sweden to Madeleine and Inge Ekelyck. Their responsibilities include maintaining communication with donors and traveling to inform the Swedish community about the Foundation's ministry in Thailand.  Inge & Madeleine, being  members of the board of directors, also visit Chiang Rai several times a year, playing an active role in the ministry and providing support to the staff. 


In Norway, the support for BCM is organized through ThAid, a Norwegian charitable, non-profit organization. Their main goal is to offer humanitarian aid to disadvantaged or at-risk children in Thailand.



Office: +66 53 712 357

Director: +66 816 811 661

The BaanChivitMai Foundation, which means “Home for New Life”, is an independent local relief organization in Thailand that has saved several hundred children and youth from a life of prostitution and drug dealing. Through BCM's ministry, at-risk children and youth are provided with a safe place to live and the opportunity to attend public school. Your donation makes a difference by creating opportunities for children to have a new beginning and a new life.



BaanChivitMai, Chiang Rai 

591 Moo 6, Ban Hua Doi
T.Tasai, A. Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000 Thailand

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