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ThAid is a Norwegian charitable, non-profit organization. Their main goal is to offer humanitarian aid to disadvantaged or at-risk children in Thailand.


ThAid was initially started as a student project by Norwegian students in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 2001. They started to give funding to BCM the same year. Today, ThAid still runs the original project as well as several new ones all targeted at raising funds for deserving children in Thailand.


ThAid’s current projects are located in the northern province of Chiang Rai, where many poor hill-tribe people live. Most are not recognized as Thai citizens because they lack written documentation. While they have their own languages, a majority are unable to read, write, speak, hence understand Thai. This makes the process of assimilation into Thai society very difficult because all lack the right to free, state-funded education and medical care. Without some education, work is hard to get. Many hill-tribe people lived by cultivating opium but now growing it is illegal, so they must find alternate sources of income. One sad consequence has been that some children have been sold to brothels or others have gone "willingly" to provide money for their family. For HIV infected children, many have lost their parents who succumbed to it and are now considered persona non grata rejected by relatives and villagers. Not surprisingly, even though sick, they are often beaten and verbally abused. It is a common superstitious belief among many tribal people that HIV-infected children are possessed by "evil spirits" and that they will only get well if those spirits leave.


ThAid currently support the funding of two humanitarian projects in northern Thailand.


1.BaanChivitMai (BCM) is a Thai-based foundation that runs a children’s home in Chiang Rai. Their goal is to provide accommodation, food, medical care and education, as well as practical skills training, e.g. farming.  Of key importance are to provide a caring and safe atmosphere and a loving environment to disadvantaged children.  BCM was started in 1993 and endorsed by Queen Silvia of Sweden.  The main campus located 12 km southeast of Chiang Rai has today, over 40 school-aged children, some with HIV. Many of these children were at risk of being sold for prostitution or other despicable trades and carry with them a very sad past. 


2.Thai-Akha Ministry Foundation (T-AMF) is also a charitable, non-profit organization that is run by Akha people (one of the many hill tribes populating northern Thailand and vicinity). T-AMF are working to enhance the quality of life for the Akha through education, proper health care and practical agricultural training for its children. They too operate a home and also sponsor many projects focused on bettering the welfare of children including local projects benefiting Akha villages.


More info about how to give:



Office: +66 53 712 357

Director: +66 816 811 661

The BaanChivitMai Foundation, which means “Home for New Life”, is an independent local relief organization in Thailand that has saved several hundred children and youth from a life of prostitution and drug dealing. Through BCM's ministry, at-risk children and youth are provided with a safe place to live and the opportunity to attend public school. Your donation makes a difference by creating opportunities for children to have a new beginning and a new life.



BaanChivitMai, Chiang Rai 

591 Moo 6, Ban Hua Doi
T.Tasai, A. Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000 Thailand

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