A new beginning, a new life

BaanChivitMai, which means “home for new life”, is an independent local relief organisation in Thailand that has saved several hundred of children and youth from a life in prostitution and drug dealing. Through BaanChivitMai's ministry, exposed children and youth are provided with a place to stay and the possibility to go to school

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Two boarding homes

Today, BaanChivitMai run two different boarding homes in the Chiang Rai region in northern Thailand. Basically all of the children come from minority groups who live in the mountain villages


The HIV-infected children

At Huadoi boardinghome lives today about 10 HIV-positive children. All of them have seen their parents die in AIDS. Thanks to antiretroviral drugs and good care, they can live a quite normal life and go to school like other children.



The bakery in Chiang Rai

At the bus station in central Chiang Rai, you find our bakery. Here, bread and pastries are baked in a Scandinavian manner. The bakery is well-attended by both the local population and foreign visitors. It also offers the possibility to have a nice thai meal in a warm and peaceful environment

The boarding homes


At the boarding homes, the children get food and accommodation, but most importantly they receive love and care...


The HIV-children

HIV-hemmet, Eden

10 HIV-infected children live here together with the staff...


The bakery


The bakery in Chiang Rai offers vocational training to the youth...